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Acts 20 – The Character of Elders

First of a two-parter, as we look at what makes for good leaders in Jesus’ church. This part looks at the first half of Acts 20, where we see the characteristics of the leaders around (and including) the Apostle Paul. The next part will look at the second half of the chapter, where Paul talks to the elders from the church he planted at Ephesus.

Here there are three things to note:
1) Good leaders minister to people in times of trial, and suffer themselves.
2) Good leaders long to be taught, so they can teach others.
3) Good leaders worship, but also lead others into worship.


Simple (and fun) Doctrine: The Trinity

Spotted this a few weeks back, but I’ve been enjoying it again.

It’s a helpful video in that it demonstrates one of the biggest problems with explaining the Trinity – analogies don’t work.   This shouldn’t really surprise us – one of God’s characteristics is his holiness.   The root meaning of the Hebrew wordset we translate as “holy” is other, or separate.   And that’s one of the greatest truths about God – he is other, totally different to anything in his creation.   But before we get carried away with this, and end up thinking of God as remote, we need to remember that God the Son took on flesh, and dwelt among us.   Our God may be “other” but that doesn’t mean remote.


Ravi Zacharias on Atheism

Ravi Zacharias is a Christian philosopher and apologist.   In this interview, he analyses the mocking tendencies of New Atheists like Richard Dawkins.   He points out that the antagonism and mockery Dawkins encourages, reveals a deep-rooted hatred, and correctly points out such behaviour has no place in civil society.

Its worth remembering this lesson – ideas can be discussed, but people, even those we disagree with, should not become the butt of jokes or animosity.   Worth a watch.


Support for Raasay Crofters

Dear MSPs,

We write regarding the loss of the shooting rights on Raasay by the The Raasay Crofters’ Association.

It is our understanding that the lease has been granted to South Ayrshire Stalkers. It is also our understanding through media reports that the difference in the bid was £2,000.

We were disappointed to hear from a Scottish Government minister that at the end of the day the money was the issue.

We urge you to do all in your power to reverse this decision.

It is a deep concern that the responsibility of this has been laid at the door of civil servants.

You will all be aware that it is difficult to make money at the margins and The Raasay Crofters’ Association have made great progress in developing the sporting rights in Raasay to the benefit of the crofters and the community. The benefit certainly outstrips the mere £2,000 which is at stake.

The Free Church has historically supported crofters’ rights against oppressive landlords. We consider this recent development a gross injustice against the local crofters of Raasay.

Yours Sincerely,

Rev Donnie G MacDonald, Portree Free Church, Isle of Skye
Rev John MacLean, Trotternish Free Church, Isle of Skye
Rev Gordon Matheson, Strath and Sleat Free Church, Isle of Skye
Rev Daniel Sladek, Duirinish Free Church, Isle of Skye