Welcome, during the pandemic

Sleat & Strath Free Church has suspended all gatherings, effective from 18th March 2020.  The Kirk Session will continue to review the situation, but our priority is to keep the 6th commandment!  We want to do everything in our power to support our National Health Service to protect life, and that means no activities that will potentially expose our people to COVID-19.

Our meetings are on Zoom.

Please contact Gordon for the Zoom meeting password – the links below shouldn’t require it.

Sunday morning service: 10:45am
Meeting ID:        280 793 6726
Browser Link:     https://zoom.us/j/2807936726

Sunday evening fellowship: 5:00pm
Meeting ID:      280 793 6726
Browser Link:     https://zoom.us/j/2807936726

We know church isn’t anonymous at the best of times, and coming is a huge step for people.  Perhaps even more so when you can’t easily be an anonymous user on a platform like Zoom.  You can find our recent services on Gordon’s SoundCloud – where you listen in glorious anonymity.

Whether you are a long-time resident, a visitor, or recently moved to Sleat, or the south end of Skye, and are looking for a church you are welcome to worship with us (on Zoom).   We believe the Gospel, are reformed, evangelical, bible-believing, Presbyterian and, above all, Christian.

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