Bulletin: 09 August 2009

12:00pm @ Sleat – Noon Worship – Acts 7:9-10
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – Evening Worship – D.J. Stewart
6:00pm @ Sleat – Evening Worship – Studies in the Psalms

Mid-Week Bible Study @ 7:00pm (Sleat)

Next Sunday (Retiring collection for Buildings Fund)
12:00pm @ Sleat – Noon Worship – Mark 3:7-12 – Who did the unclean spirits see?
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – Evening Worship – Daniel 9 – Prayer & God’s Promises

News and Coming Events
Holiday Club
The Holiday Club went well – we are especially thankful for the help from the team from Lewis – Niall, John, Michelle and Ruth.   Please continue to pray for these young people.

Christianity Explored
Starting in September we will be running Christianity Explored.   This is not a one off event, as we hope to begin to run CE annually.   This year CE will run on Tuesday evenings in Sleat – the discussion and Bible study group starting at 7:00pm, with the option of gathering for a meal at 6:00pm.
CE is not taking place instead of our usual mid-week meeting, which will continue as usual.   This means members should not feel obliged to come, although you are welcome to attend.   Invitation cards are available, explaining what CE is, and what happens at a course.   Please feel free to give these to anyone you want to invite to the course.
Please invite people!   Ask people to be your guests.   Commit to coming with them, both to the course and the meal if necessary.   Let people know that the course will be an opportunity to ask any questions, but that they will not be asked to read, pray or sing.   While some people will respond positively to your first invitation, for others it may take years of working towards that point – don’t be discouraged if people don’t respond right away, we will be running CE again next year (DV) meaning you can work towards asking again then.

Broadford Prayer Group
The members living the Broadford area have agreed to meet for prayer on Sunday Evenings, after the Kyleakin service on Sundays when Gordon is preaching there.   This will not be a traditional “prayer meeting”, in the sense that people will not be called to pray but rather folk can share any concerns they have for the Church’s witness in Broadford, and these matters will be prayed for in a time of open prayer.   Although this meeting is for the work in Broadford that does not mean folk from other areas cannot gather with us to pray.   However, it does mean that we are meeting to pray specifically from the work in Broadford, and so people will be asked to be specific in their requests before God.


Free Church Press Release Re. Opinion of Lord Uist

The Free Church Denomination has issued the following press release in connection to recent case regarding the Broadford church and manse properties.   Sleat & Strath Free Church have no further comment to add to this at present, other than to underline that we continue to seek opportunities to serve God in the area, and are actively seeking to resume services regularly in Broadford, and that we see ruling is a big step towards this goal.

Free Church of Scotland successful in Broadford local property case

Lord Uist has found in favour of the Free Church of Scotland in the Court of Session case concerning congregational property in Broadford on the Isle of Skye.

The breakaway Free Church Continuing (FCC) formed in 2000 had been occupying the church and manse. On the retirement of the Rev. Allan Maciver, who had joined the FCC and been suspended from the ministry of the Free Church, the Free Church of Scotland took legal action to regain the property. The case was heard before Lord Uist in the Court of Session from 12th to 15th May.

Lord Uist totally dismissed the claims of the FCC and adjudged the property to belong to the local congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (FC).

Lord Uist’s Opinion is clear and decisive concerning the identity of the true Free Church of Scotland: “The FC which existed before January 2000 is the same FC which has continued to exist since then.  On the other hand, the FCC is a new body which was set up after January 2000”, and he found that the Free Church Continuing themselves “do not dispute that the FCC is a new body set up after January 2000 and that it has a separate and distinct organisation and structure from the FC.”  He also made reference to the fact that “the two bodies are distinct registered charities.”

In addition, he noted that the FCC did not claim that the Free Church had departed from fundamental principles (the only basis on which the FCC could have a legal claim to property).

Lord Uist concluded that: “The FCC are not, either in name or composition, the FC, they have entirely separated themselves from the FC and have no right under the trust to the use and occupation of property intended for the benefit of the FC.  In other words, the FCC are a breakaway group who have taken themselves outwith the institutional framework of the FC and set up their own, new framework.”

He also agreed with the Free Church’s contention that if the FCC were successful in their claim, “the result would be astonishing and lead to chaos” where any breakaway group from a voluntary organisation could claim property.

The Free Church are delighted with the clear decision and hope that this will pave the way for settling other local property issues without recourse to law.

The full text of Lord Uist’s Opinion can be found at:


Bulletin: 2nd August 2009

12:00pm @ Sleat – Noon Worship – Romans 8:26 – The Spirit Helps Us
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – Evening Worship – Daniel 8 – Alexander, Antiochus and Antichrist

Mid-Week Bible Study @ 7:00pm (Kyleakin)

Next Sunday
12:00pm @ Sleat – Noon Worship – Acts 7:9-10
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – Evening Worship – Preacher TBA
6:00pm @ Sleat – Evening Worship – Studies in the Psalms

News and Coming Events

Holiday Club

Today, we welcome the mission team from Lewis as they worship with us.   John, Niall, Michelle and Ruth will be helping out with the Holiday Club.   The club will be running each morning this week, between 10:30 and 12noon, at Bun-sgoil Shlèite.

BBQ – All Welcome

There will be a Barbeque at the manse on Friday evening (7th August), food being served at 6:30pm.   There’s an open invitation to the whole congregation, as well as any families who come along to the Holiday Club.   Please inform Dolina if you have any special dietary needs (or if you want your kids to avoid fizzy drinks!)

Court Case

Despite expectations of a very long wait, Lord Uist announced his opinion in the Broadford Buildings case on Friday.   The ruling is clearly in our favour, and so we should now be looking to God to lead us into the next steps to be taken to put this matter behind us.   The denomination’s Legal Group will be meeting in two weeks time, and the FC(C) have three weeks in which they can lodge an appeal, so there is no rush to take further steps just yet – please keep the matter in prayer.   We should also not forget that among our fellow believers in the FC(C) there might be feelings of bitter disappointment at how this has not gone their way, and it might appear uncharitable of us to take hasty steps at this point.

Broadford Work

The Kirk Session have been very much of the mind that any new work in Broadford would likely not start until after the Buildings dispute was settled.   As this now looks set to be resolved sooner than expected, it would be good if the members in the Broadford area could begin to meet for concerted prayer in the coming weeks.   Could members in the Broadford area please wait behind on Wednesday night, after the mid-week meeting, to discuss arrangements for this?