Bulletin: 11th October 2009

12:00pm @ Sleat – Morning Worship – Mark 4:35-41 – “Who is this?”
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – Evening Worship –
6:00pm @ Sleat – Evening worship – Studies in the Psalms

7:00pm @ Kyleakin – Bible Study

Next Sunday (Special Collection for Buildings Fund)
12:00pm @ Sleat – Morning Worship – Mark 4:35-41 – “Who is this?”
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – Evening Worship – Daniel 12 – The End

News and Coming Events
Finance Committee & Kirk Session
The Finance Committee and Kirk Session will meet tomorrow (Monday 12th October) at 7:00pm in Sleat.   Applications for the post of Treasurer should be made to Gordon, prior to this meeting.

Duty Rotas
As mentioned in the Newsletter, a “Duty Rota” is now posted on the notice board in the entrance hall.   We need volunteers to help in the following areas:
Recording Equipment – one person to operate the CD recorder each Sunday morning.
Crèche – two people to staff the crèche during the morning service (right now the burden falls on Anna and Connie most weeks, so extra volunteers would be appreciated!)
Money Counting – this is still a little haphazard, with people being “picked” to help after the morning service some weeks; men and women are encouraged to help with this.
Sunday School – the Sunday School will be staffed by a “core team” made up of Mairi Lindsay and three members from the Church of Scotland Congregation.   However, we will need one extra member each week to help staff the Sunday School.

Home Missions Board Support
The HMB (the denomination’s committee responsible for, among other things, supporting smaller congregations) has decided to make Sleat & Strath one of their highlighted congregations for a forth coming fund raising campaign.   They are looking for photos illustrating aspects of our work here, specifically people rather than buildings.   With the school holidays on they could have picked a better time, but we will try to get some photos for them after the services this week.   If you would rather not feature in this, please just say so.