Bulletin: 25th April

25th April 2010
11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – Mark 10 – Teaching on Divorce
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – No Service
6:00pm @ Broadford – Joint Service with the Church of Scotland

7:00pm @ Sleat – Weekly Bible Study

Next Sunday
11:00am @ Sleat – Family Service (followed by cup of tea in the hall)
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – Evening worship – James 3:13-18 – Heavenly Wisdom

News and Coming Events
Elementary Food Hygiene Course
The Elementary Food Hygiene course will conclude on Tuesday evening (27th April).

Discipleship Explored
DE will resume the first Tuesday in May.

CD Ministry
As we are now able to record the services every Sunday morning, directly to CD, the Kirk Session is looking for ways to make this facility useful to the congregation.   We are looking for someone to manage the distribution of CDs, and to look after a “CD Library”.   One immediate task would be finding out how many people would benefit from getting CDs, and then determining the best way to circulate CDs to them.
The cost of receiving CDs like this would be quite low, and something the congregation could (for now, given the likely small numbers) easily afford free of charge to anyone interested in receiving them.
If you are interested in serving in this role, please contact Gordon.

Christian Institute General Election Briefing
The Christian Institute has produced a briefing looking at all the parties standing for election.   It assesses how their policies will affect religious liberties, and a whole range of moral and ethical issues.   You can find this at the CI website, www.christian.org.uk

Gaelic Outreach Event in Sabhal mor Ostaig
There will be a Gaelic outreach event in Sabhal Mor Ostaig on 9th May (a week on Sunday) at 6.30pm.  This event is planned along the same lines as the service held last year.   Rev John Murdo MacDonald from Kyle will be giving the address.
As there was some discomfort expressed after last year’s event, it was decided that it would be better if we provided a suitable alternative service for folks who would not want to attend.   To that end, Gordon will lead the service in Kyleakin at 5:00pm that evening and there would be on Sleat Service .   Folk wanting to attend the Sabhal Mor event at 6:30pm should not feel obliged to come to the Kyleakin service as well, or instead of supporting this important outreach.


South Skye & Lochalsh Candidates Debate

A coalition of churches in South Skye and Lochalsh today announced their plan to host a hustings-style event in the Lochalsh Hotel, Kyle on Monday 19th April at 7:30pm.   The event, South Skye and Lochalsh Candidates Debate, was envisaged several months ago, as a way for local churches to provide a venue for their own members, but also the wider community, where the candidates will face ordinary voters with real questions.

“Very often the church is seen lamenting lost influence in public life,” said Gordon Matheson, minister at Sleat & Strath Free Church.   “There are a few ways we, as Christians, can respond to this: – we can either withdraw into ever more exclusive groups and isolate ourselves from public life; others might set up ‘Christian’ parties to reassert what we see as lost influence; or we can take every effort possible to engage in the political process, and through that make a contribution for the good of our communities.   This event was planned to give our own members that chance – to put their issues to the candidates.

“As we discussed an event like this, we realised our community at large doesn’t get that opportunity to interact with all the candidates together.   We saw this as one area where we could do something beneficial to serve our community, and so we decided from the outset that this should be a public event.   Of course we remain concerned about moral issues in public life, and society; but Christians are concerned, to varying degrees, about taxation, the deficit, the size of the state, military spending, Trident missiles, or social justice.   So it would be unfair to for candidates to expect to be faced exclusively with questions on moral issues.”

The event doors will open at 7:30pm, aiming to begin the debate at 8:00pm.   This will give time to set up primed questions, make sure questioners are seated near mics, etc.   The candidates will each have 2 or 3 minutes to make a pitch to the audience, and this will be followed by a “Question time” style discussion.

At the time of this release we have confirmed commitments to attend from: Charles Kennedy (Lib Dem); Alasdair Stephen (SNP); Donald Cameron (Conservative) and Philip Anderson (UKIP).   The event will be chaired by Duncan Ferguson, Head Teacher at Plockton High School.   Invitations have also been extended to UKIP and the Greens.   John McKendrick (Labour) will not be attending due to professional commitments elsewhere.

The event will be recorded, and Cullins FM plan to broadcast it in full the next day.

People attending are encouraged to contact Gordon Matheson on 01471 833 281, or by email at gordonmatheson@hotmail.com if they want to ask a specific question.   Comments are allowed on this post (below).

Bulletin: 11th April

11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 – Boasting
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – Evening Worship – James 3:1-12 – Taming the Tongue

Midweek Meeting Cancelled for Communion

Next Sunday
11:00am @ Sleat – Communion Service
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – No Service
6:00pm @ Sleat – Evening Worship

News and Coming Events
The Lord’s Supper
On 18th April we will be taking communion in Sleat.   There will be no Kyleakin Services that day, and “preparatory services” will be held in Sleat at 7:00pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.   The preacher for the weekend will be Ru Maclean (Harris Free Church) and the Friday night service will be taken by Jeremy Ross (Poolewe & Aultbea).
The Kirk Session will be happy to meet with anyone seeking membership in the congregation, and will meet for that purpose after the Friday and Saturday services.   If you think it would help, feel free to contact Gordon for a chat beforehand.
As there will be no Kyleakin Service the next two weeks (the 25th will be in a joint service Broadford) Gordon will preach in Kyleakin tonight, and there will be no evening service in Sleat.

Sunday School
The Sunday School resumes next Lord’s Day.   Please note, as the communion service will last slightly longer than usual, arrangements will be in place for supervision of the kids for the longer time.

Teens Group
Teens Group will meet at the manse next Sunday evening after the service.

Elementary Food Hygiene Course
The Elementary Food Hygiene course will take place Tuesday evenings, 20th and 27th April.   The course lasts about 3 hours both nights, and attendance at both will be required to pass the course.   The class starts at 7:00pm sharp, so please aim to arrive about 6:45.
Please note: We have planned for about a dozen attendees, but have extended invitations to other local churches to send folk along.   Priority for places will be given to our own folk, as having certified helpers is crucial to our plans for work in Broadford.
Attendance is open to anyone in the congregation (not just “members”), in fact we would encourage as many as possible to attend.   Please “sign up” in the hall.

Discipleship Explored
As the food hygiene course clashes with DE for two weeks, we felt there’s little merit in restarting DE for 1 week, then stopping for 2 weeks again.   DE will resume the first Tuesday in May.