Bulletin: 6th March 2011

Today (Retiring Collection: International Mission)

11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – Family Service: God Calls Abram (Genesis 12 & 15)

5:00pm @ Broadford – Ask. – What about hypocrites in the pews? (John 2:13-22)


7:00pm @ Kyleakin – Weekly Bible Study

Next Sunday

11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – Mark 14:66-72 – Peter Denies Jesus, Jesus Dies For Peter

5:00pm @ Kyleakin – Evening Worship – Galatians 1:6-10 – Another Gospel?

News and Coming Events (D.V.)

Finance Committee

After being postponed last week, the Finance Committee will meet in Sleat on Tuesday evening, at 7:00pm.   This meeting will go over the points raised by the recent Quinquennial Visit, as well as review the accounts for 2010, and set a budget for 2011.   It will be a busy meeting.


Tonight we have our weekly meeting in Broadford.   After hearing God’s word preached, we have time for discussion and questions.   If you are a bit intimidated to ask questions at the meeting, you can text them to 07789 801 865.   Any questions are welcome, and any question demanding a more thorough answer will be the subject of a future sermon.   Please feel free to pass this number out to people.

MTW Thrive Mission Team

The Kirk Sessions of Sleat & Strath and Plockton & Kyle are hoping to welcome a team of American interns to work with us this summer.   The team will be lead by a student pastor from San Antonio, Texas, called Michael Novak.   The team’s funding will be covered from the support they raise in the US, principally from PCA churches there (the Presbyterian Church in America is one of the Reformed denominations in the US with whom we have close ties).

We hope to have the team with us for two months in June and July.   The team will consist of Michael (plus his wife and two young children), and four female and two male interns.   The interns will be university students.

At this stage we are looking for specific help with accommodation and transport.   To keep costs low we would like to be able to house the team in vacant homes during their stay.   So if you are going to be away during these months (even if only for part of the time) please consider offering your help in this.   If you know of friends or neighbours who will be away, please ask about this.

In terms of transport, we hope to have the team involved everywhere from Aird to Arisdale, so will need to give them some form of transport.   One option is for two-car families to give the team use of their car for a couple of weeks – with any insurance and running costs being covered by the team through the support they raise in the US (they were horrified to learn fuel is $10/gal).

These are two areas we really need clear commitments soon, as any additional costs from renting accommodation or transport will need considerably higher fund raising in the US.