Bulletin – 10th April

10th April 2011


11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – Mark 15:16-22 – The Road to the Cross

6:30pm @ Kyleakin – Evening Worship – Galatians 1:11-24 – The Origin of Paul’s Gospel


7:00pm @ Sleat – Monthly Prayer Meeting

Next Sunday

11:00am @ Sleat – Communion – Rev. Angus Macrae

5:00pm @ Broadford – Ask. – Rev. Angus Macrae

News and Coming Events (D.V.)

MTW Team

This summer our own congregation and the Plockton & Kyle congregation hope to have a team of American students working with us doing evangelism.   It’s a hugely exciting opportunity, but the viability of this depends entirely on them being able to stay locally, and affordably.   So far, the P&K congregation have put up an offer to house half the team for free, and ideally we want to house the other half of the team on Skye.   As we have had no offers of free accommodation, we are now looking to arrange paid accommodation.   MTW are prepared to pay living costs to people who will open their homes to help house members of the team.   But we need to know soon, so that these costs can be featured into their fund-raising.   Unfortunately, due to the logistics of this, it really needs to be in the Strath district, as Sleat is a bit too far out of the way for doing work on the mainland every day. (We want to keep travel costs to a minimum too!)

If you have any suggestions for this, please contact Gordon.


The congregation will have communion on Sunday 17th April.   The preacher will be Angus Macrae, Dingwall Free Church, who will be take services on Saturday night, Sunday morning in Sleat, and Sunday evening in Broadford.   There will a service in Sleat on Friday evening at 7:00pm.

Anyone wanting to obey Christ’s command to remember his death in this way for the first time should contact Gordon or one of the other elders.   The Kirk Session will meet for this purpose on Friday and Saturday evenings after the services.

There will be a lunch at them anse after the service.   All welcome.

Easter Holiday Club

Susan Maclean will be running the annual Easter holiday Club on Tuesday 12th April, at the Sleat Church, from 2-4pm.   We are looking for a two people to help on the day.   We also need some indication of numbers in advance, so if you are planning for your children to attend, please let Gordon know in advance.

Annual Leave

Gordon will be on a week’s leave starting the Monday after the communion.   The morning service on 24th April will be lead by John Norman MacDonald.   The evening service will be a joint service at the Church of Scotland (venue tba).

Teens Group

Teens meets in the manse next Sunday at 7:00 – 8:30pm.