Bulletin: 22nd May

22nd May 2011


11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – Mark 16:9-20 – What happened Next?

5:00pm @ Sleat – Evening Worship – Galatians  2:11-16 – Justified by Faith


7:00pm @ Sleat (Weekly bible Study)

Next Sunday

11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – Marcos Florit

6:00pm @ Sleat – Joint Service with Church of Scotland – Covenant (Part 3 – Grace)

News and Coming Events (D.V.)

Evening Service

Tonight’s evening service will be held in Sleat, due to the electricity being disconnected in Kyleakin, and the Broadford hall not being available.

Pulpit Swap

Next Sunday Gordon will be doing a pulpit swap with one of the other Assembly Commissioners.   The morning service will be taken by Rev. Marcos Florit (Lochcarron Free Church).

Sunday School & Congregational BBQ

The annual Sunday School and Congregational BBQ will be held as usual in Morar on the second last Saturday before the schools break for the summer (18th June).

Sale of Work

The annual sale of work for the Church Fabric Fund will be held in Broadford village hall on either 13th August (last Saturday of the School holidays) or 3rd September.   Please consider these dates and let Gordon know which date would be preferable.

General Assembly

Please remember the General Assembly in your prayers in the coming week.   Please pray for the unity of the church through this time, and for wisdom for the commissioners making decisions.

Please also remember the Church of Scotland’s Assembly, as they debate the ordination of people in same-sex relationships.   The whole of Monday has been set aside for this debate, so we will probably know the outcome on Monday night, just as our own Assembly begins.

Joint Service

The monthly Joint Service with the Church of Scotland will be next Lord’s Day evening.   It is our turn to host this service and fellowship.

After some consideration, the Kirk Session agreed it best to move the venue for this service back to Sleat.   There had been some discomfort meeting in another group’s building, when we had adequate facilities ourselves.   The Kirk Session is however committed to keeping the congregations other services on the “mornings in Sleat, evenings in Strath” principle, and have no plans to resume other evening services in Sleat at this time.