Bulletin: 12th June


7:00pm @ Sleat – Weekly Bible Study

Next Sunday

11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship –

5:00pm @ Broadford – Ask.

News and Coming Events (D.V.)

Joint Prayer Meeting for the Area

There will be a joint prayer meeting for the area in Kyleakin Church of Scotland on Wednesday evening at 7:30pm.   This is being held in in place of our own Bible Study, and will probably go on past 10:00pm (feel free to leave earlier!), so please be encouraged to join with those praying there.

American Team

This week, the A-Team will be with us on Tuesday and Wednesday for door-to-door work in the Broadford area.   They will be focusing on inviting people to our Sunday evening meetings in Broadford Village Hall.   They will also be helping out with the Mustard Seed Cafe again on Wednesday, and working with our teens’ group.   Please pray for their efforts this week – that God will open for them a door for the Gospel.

John Blanchard – Is God past his sell-by date?

John Blanchard, author of Does God Believe in Atheists? will be speaking at an event in Kyleakin Village Hall on Friday 17th June, an 7:30pm. This event is geared towards responding to the challenges of unbelief in our society, and would be suitable to bring non-Christian family or friends along to.   John Blanchard is a challenging speaker, and will deal with questions from the public.

Mustard Seed Cafe Team Meeting

There will be a meeting of everyone involved in staffing the Mustard Seed Cafe a week on Thursday (23rd June) in Sleat Free Church.   Please come along, even in you just occasionally help out or make soup.   There are a number of decisions to be made about the future of the Cafe, and as much input as possible from the team would be appreciated.   Please pass news of this meeting to all others involved from the Church of Scotland as well.

Sunday School & Congregational BBQ

Because of the John Blanchard meeting, and trying to juggle the commitments of the American Team, we want to push the date of the barbeque back a week to the 25th June, and plan to hold the Sunday School prize giving at a special service the following day (26th June).

Sale of Work – Date for the Diary

The annual sale of work for the Fabric Fund will be held in Broadford village hall on 3rd September.