Bulletin: 6th November

6th November 2011


11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – False Witness

5:00pm @ Broadford Village Hall – What does Jesus say about celebration?


7:00pm @ Sleat – Weekly Bible Study

Next Sunday

11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – Coveting

5:00pm @ Sleat – Galatians 4:1-7 – Sons and Heirs

Visitors: If you are a visitor we are glad you have chosen to worship with us today.   In our worship, we stand to sing, for the first prayer and the Benediction.

News and Coming Events (D.V.)

Kyleakin Church Out of Use

The church at Kyleakin will remain out of use for the time being, due to the electricity being off until a tree is safely removed.   All mid-week and Sunday meetings will be in Sleat.

Songs of Hope and Faith

This evening, at 6:00pm, there will be a fund raising recital (featuring various types of Christian praise) in aid of the Hope and Faith School in Zambia.   This will take place in Kyleakin Church of Scotland.   To enable people to attend without rushing, there will be no tea served after the Broadford meeting tonight.

Finance Committee

There will be a brief meeting of the Finance Committee on Monday evening at 7:30pm.   Apologies for the short notice but Committee Members are urged to attend.   One item of business must be conducted in time for the paperwork for the Church’s Board of Trustees to go out later in the week; the other item (there are only 2) is setting a date for the congregational AGM.

Teens Group

Teens Group meets next Sunday night at the manse, at 7:00pm.

Service Times

As people will have noticed, there is regularly a delay in starting the morning service.   This is mainly to accommodate the Sunday School.  Our aim is allow the kids to leave after the second singing, to minimise disruption – but this has to be coordinated to coincide with the Church of Scotland folks who come up by mini-bus for classes at the manse.   It is easier for us to start a bit later than for them to get here earlier.   I have been loath to speak to the Kirk Session to formally change the service time to 11:05am, because some weeks there might be longer notices to give, or a longer kids’ address.   I apologise for not giving an explanation for this before, and promise that the service will always be underway by 11:05.   We are also trying to ensure that the kids do not re-enter the congregation until the final singing to limit disruption during the sermon.

These are some of the concessions we have to make to operate a joint Sunday School.   The only alternative to that is to not bother with the joint Sunday School and try to go it alone again (provided we could find sufficient teachers), or to have the Sunday School meeting at a totally different time (which would still entail a crèche of some sort during the service).   As neither of these are workable alternatives, your forbearance is really appreciated.