Bulletin: 20th January

20th January 2013

Services Today
11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – 1 Kings 21 – A Word of Judgement
3:30pm @ Kyleakin – Afternoon Service
5:00pm @ Broadford – Evening Worship – 2 Peter 3:14-18 – Grow in Grace

Mid-week Meetings
Wednesday, 7:00pm @ Sleat – Weekly Bible Study

Next Sunday
11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – 2 Kings 1 – A Final Task
6:00pm @ Kyleakin Village Hall – District Joint Communion

News and Coming Events (D.V.)

Teens Group
Teens Group meets tonight in the manse, from 7:00-8:30pm.   Teen’s group is for anyone in P7 or secondary school.

Christianity Explored
We are planning a new CE course to begin on Tuesday (22nd January).   The course runs for about 8 weeks, so we expect to be finished in time for Easter.

The Tuesday morning group seemed ideal for people with young families, and we hope to run another group like this in the near future – probably starting in February.   If you are interested in attending either group, please talk to Gordon.

District Joint Communion
Next Lord’s Day evening there will be a joint service of most congregations in the area.   Gordon hopes to be leading the service, and Stuart Mackinnon will preach, God willing.

These quarterly meetings are a great witness to the community, with Christians from different backgrounds coming together to remember Christ’s death.   It is very encouraging to see so many in our wider area – from Lochcarron, to Aird, and from Glenelg to Elgol – gather together, so if you are able to make it along, please do.   Communion at these meetings is open to anyone in good standing with a local church fellowship.

After running CE quite intensively for a couple of years there are now a fair number of people who have expressed an interest in going on with something like CE: informal, bible based, geared for people seeking the truth.   Gordon is preparing what will initially be a monthly meeting, called CEplus.

We want to make this group as assessable as possible, but want to avoid clashing with our usual Tuesday evening CE slot.   The options seem to be the first Monday, Friday or Sunday evening each month.   If you are interested in this group, please talk to Gordon and indicate which evening might best suit you.

Communion & Membership Class
We hope to Prof. John Angus Macleod from the denomination’s training college with us for our next communion weekend.   Our “communion plan” was to celebrate the Lord’s Supper the second Sunday in February.   However, to fit in more easily with college terms dates, we have postponed this to the last Sunday in February (24th).   This communion will be in Sleat.

For a while now we have been planning an optional membership class for people thinking about identifying themselves as members of the congregation.   We want to stress that it is optional – attendance is not a requirement for membership!   Nor will attendance “sway” the Kirk Session – membership and taking communion are based on a profession faith in Jesus, not attendance at any meetings.   The class is really to help people think through what church membership involves.

We will organise this over two weeks on Monday nights prior to the communion weekend (i.e. 11th & 18th February).   These short sessions are designed to go over some of the privileges and responsibilities of membership, as well as looking at the biblical basis for “church membership” (an idea some people struggle with).   This class might be ideal for people who have recently become members with us, as well as people thinking about becoming members of a church for the first time.   We expect to run this class twice a year in future.

The Briefing: Mid-week Meetings
Last week we looked at the format of our mid-week meetings.   This week, we’ll look at who these meetings are for.   There’s a perception that mid-week meetings are in some way closed, or private meetings just for members.   Very often, men are particularly put-off coming, out of a fear that they will be pressured to lead in prayer.   It’s worth remembering what happens at our mid-week meetings – teaching and prayer:

Firstly, they are for people who are serious about growing in their faith and knowledge of the Lord.   In Romans Paul wrote, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”   One service on a Sunday – about 30 minutes teaching a week – is barely enough to build a serious Christian worldview.   Taped sermons or the internet can be a good supplement to this, but faith is really built up through teaching closely linked to your own life.   So if you are interested in getting deeper into God’s word, to strengthen your faith, mid-week meetings are for you.

Secondly, they are for anyone who cares about the work and witness of our Church.   The Church isn’t like other organisations, growing solely through the efforts of its people.   The Church depends on God to work.   Despite every event we organise, we cannot change a single heart; transform a single life; or comfort a single grieving person, without the Spirit of God working in and through us.   Our corporate congregational prayer meeting – the first Wednesday each month – is vital to the health and wellbeing of our Church.   You might not verbally say much, or anything, while you are there, but you are still part of the fellowship of people praying for God’s blessing in our community.

Of course, for many legitimate reasons (e.g. work, family, distance), people who want a deepening faith and knowledge, or who care deeply about our work and witness, aren’t always able to come.   But the real issue is ensuring that nobody feels they need to have special status or experience before they are willing to come.