Bulletin – 10th February 2013

The Diary

Services Today

11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – 2 Corinthians 4:7-18

5:00pm @ Broadford – Evening Worship – 2 Corinthians 4:1-6

Mid-week Meetings & Events

Monday, 7:00pm @ Sleat – Membership Class

Tuesday, 12-2:00pm @ Broadford Village Hall – Mustard Seed Cafe

Tuesday, 7:00pm @ the manse – Christianity Explored

Wednesday, 7:00pm @ Sleat – Weekly Bible Study

Next Sunday

10:30am @ Sleat – Morning Prayer Meeting

11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship –

3:30pm @ Kyleakin – Monthly Afternoon Service –

5:00pm @ Broadford – Evening Worship –


The Notices

Broadford Evening Meeting

Please note, we hope to be back in the cafeteria in the Broadford Village Hall this evening.   This will mean it’s possible to again have a cup of tea, and a short time for fellowship after the service.   Also note, that is “after the service” – tea will be served after the benediction.   We are not planning to reinstate the question and answer format in quite the same way at this point.   If you have a question, please feel free to ask Gordon – he will be mingling after the service for this reason.

New Bibles & Chairs

A few weeks ago we asked people to contribute towards additional seating for the Sleat church.   These chairs have now been ordered, and should be with us in April.   Along with that, the Finance Committee have made money available to buy additional bibles.   The Kirk Session have agreed to bring in the English Standard Version as our pew bible in Sleat.   These will be arriving within the month.   If you would like to own one for yourself, a donation of £9 will cover the cost.

Cleaning Rota

Kate Macrae is organising a cleaning rota for the Sleat Church.   If this is done regularly, it shouldn’t be a laborious job.   Please speak to her if you want to help with this.   (The task will perhaps mean moving the chairs to Hoover the church floor, so perhaps this is a task couples could do together, you know, like a “date”.)

Christianity Explored

Tuesday night CE is underway.   Please remember this group in your prayers.

We’re also planning another daytime group in the near future – more suited to people with young families.   Please ask Gordon for more info.

Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting

The elders of the congregation will be gathering for prayer on Sunday mornings, at 10:30am, for a short prayer meeting before the service.   Anyone who wants to gather with them is welcome to do so.   Please aim to be prompt for this; we expect to spend about 15 minutes in prayer for God’s Word as it is preached in the congregation, before most people start to gather for the service.

Communion & Membership Class

We hope to Prof. John Angus Macleod from the denomination’s training college with us for our next communion weekend, last Sunday in February (24th), in Sleat.

We will organise an optional membership class over two weeks on Monday nights prior to the communion weekend (i.e. 11th & 18th February).   These short sessions will look at what’s involved in membership: both the privileges and responsibilities of membership, as well as looking at the biblical basis for “church membership”.   This class might be ideal for people who have recently become members with us, as well as people thinking about becoming members of a church for the first time.   We expect to run this class twice a year in future.

Communion Lunch

On Sunday 24th, we plan to have a congregational lunch after the morning service.   Previously, this has been at the manse but it’s becoming a bit crammed for space!    We want to have this lunch at the church to enable more people to gather.   We hope to have soup, sandwiches and puddings.   Please see the “sign-up sheet” in the lobby, and put your name down for any of the courses you are willing to provide.

We will also need some bowls, plates and cutlery, so if you can bring a set a long on the day, that would be helpful.

And we finally want to encourage families to come.   Maybe you think communion Sundays are not the best day for a family outing to church, but actually, it’s a day for fellowship, and family should be a big part of that.   If you have any special dietary needs, please speak to Kate or Dolina.

Question Time 2

About two years ago, the local churches came together to organise a “Question time” panel night.   We are planning another event on Friday, 1st March, at 7:30pm at the Kyle Hotel.   Please start thinking about inviting people from outside the church to this event.

Joint District Communion

The next joint district communion service will be Sunday, 31st March – Easter Sunday – at 6:00pm in the Kyleakin Village Hall.

The Briefing

Financing Ministry – An Encouraging Tale

You might recall, one aspect of our Redevelopment Plan was the way we were going to finance ministry in the congregation for the next 3 to 5 years.   At the Congregational Meeting it had been agreed that the shortfall in meeting our target of £25,000 from weekly collections would come from the proceeds of the Broadford manse sale.   If there was a delay in selling the manse, we were unsure of how this shortfall would be met, but expected the Home Mission Board to come back with some plan to maintain a ministry in the congregation.

Unfortunately, the HMB are so strapped for funds that they stated a local funding plan would need to come from within the Presbytery to cover the cost of ministry in our congregation.   After some discussions between Roddie Rankin and Gordon, an offer was made by the Glenelg and Inverinate congregation to lend us what we needed to cover costs, provided we were able to repay them once the Broadford manse was sold.   Our Finance Committee felt that as we had originally planned to cover the shortfall from the sale of the Broadford manse, repaying Glenelg like this seemed reasonable.   The Presbytery approved this plan, and we owe a huge debt of thanks to our brothers and sisters across in Kintail for this offer.

However, the next day, an individual offered to cover the full shortfall for three years.   This is a generous offering of more than £12,000.   It means we will not need to rely on help from the Glenelg congregation, or tap into money from the sale of the Broadford manse.   Please give thanks to God for moving the heart of this generous individual.   It relieves a huge burden on us as a congregation – and takes away much of the uncertainty over the future of a settled ministry for the next three years.   But it doesn’t mean we can rest, or take our eye away from the goal of being a growing church, serving the communities of Sleat and Strath.   If anything, this gift frees us to be even more focused on the work God has given us, and we should view it as a token of his blessing on the vision we have for his cause.

Honor the LORD with your wealth

and with the firstfruits of all your produce;

then your barns will be filled with plenty,

and your vats will be bursting with wine.

(Proverbs 3:9-10 ESV)