Bulletin: 19th May

Sleat & Strath FreeChurch


Services Today

10:30am @ Sleat – Morning Prayer Meeting

11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – John 3:16-21 – In darkness & In Light

3:30pm @ Kyleakin – Afternoon Worship

5:00pm @ Broadford – Evening Worship – 1 Timothy 3:1-7 – Qualifications for Elders

Mid-week Meetings & Events

Wednesday, 7:30pm – Joint Prayer Meeting for the General Assemblies (Kyle Free Church)

Next Sunday

10:30am @ Sleat – Morning Prayer Meeting

11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – John 3:22-36 – “He must increase, but I must decrease”

6:00pm @ Sleat – Monthly Joint Service – Iain A. Macdonald, SASRA


Note of Thanks

Thanks to the ladies who were in all afternoon on Thursday cleaning the church.   It was a big job – and much appreciated.

Summer Duty

Please check the rota for welcome and coffee duties.   If you are unable to cover any of the dates indicated, please alert Gordon as soon as possible.

Tonight’s Evening Service

At next week’s evening service, we will reach 1 Timothy 3.   This chapter addresses the qualifications for elders and deacons.   As one of the more pressing concerns we face as a congregation is a lack of eligible men to serve as elders, I want to request that as many as possible make the effort to attend Sunday evening’s meeting in Broadford next Sunday.   The thrust of the sermon will be looking at what we need to earnestly ask God to provide for our church.   Please make an extra effort to attend.

Joint Service – Next Week

Next Sunday we will host the monthly joint service with the Church of Scotland.   The service will be addressed by Iain Alasdair Macdonald of SASRA (Soldiers’ & Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association).   Iain has spoken at our joint fellowships before, and it will be good to welcome him once again.   The collection on the night will go towards supporting the work of SASRA.

General Assembly – Prayer Meeting

Please note the meeting on Wednesday night at Kyle Free Church Hall.   Our own prayer meeting and midweek fellowship has been cancelled to allow for people to make the Kyle meeting a priority.   Please go over if you are able.

CWI Meeting

Christian witness to Israel – a Jewish Evangelism organisation – are holding their annual Scottish tour later this month.   They will be speaking at Kyle Free Church on Thursday 30th May at 7:30pm, and in Tigh-na-Sgire in Portree on Friday 31st May at 7:30pm.   Please make every effort to go along to one of these events – Paul Morris, Nick Stead and Mike Moore are definitely worth hearing, particularly as there are incredible stories of God working to bring the Gospel home to the Jewish people.

Open Door Cafe – Kyle

The Open Door Cafe in Kyle will cease operation on Friday, 31st May, partly due to staffing problems, but also due to a change in the venue’s management.   The cafe on the 31st is going to be a celebration of all the cafe has achieved over the years.

Communion & Church Lunch

As Gordon will be away the second Sunday in June (at the Kyle Communion) we will move our own communion forward to the first Sunday in June (2nd).   anyone wishing to profess faith for the first time, or join the congregation, should talk to Gordon soon, to arrange to meet with the Kirk Session.   We also hope to have a light lunch that Sunday, at the Sleat Church.   Please see the organisation sign-up sheet in the lobby.

Denominational News

Keep up with goings-on at the Assembly

You can follow sessions at the General Assembly live via the video feed on the St Columba’s Free Church website: http://stcolumbas.freechurch.org/ Text updates will be posted at each interval on the Free Church website http://www.freechurch.org/ where you can also download reports from.

Joint working group to establish strategic priorities

The Board of Trustees is seeking to establish a representative working group to consult with the major spending committees across the denomination with a view to bringing a plan to the 2014 General Assembly that will align the Church’s vision with available finance.  It says a strategic vision must be in place prior to agreeing financial priorities. As an interim measure with immediate effect, the Board of Trustees is proposing that no vacancies, funded by church committees, be filled without its prior approval. This would affect the vacant positions at the Free Church College, which the Board recommends should be filled on a temporary basis – pending the working group’s plan. It hopes that the Free Church can find smarter ways of working, applying innovation and ingenuity to both its expenditure and future mission. The underlying shortfall for 2012 was around £300,000.

Free Church College to consider name change

The report of the College Board suggests that the Free Church College be renamed the Edinburgh Theological Seminary, to broaden its appeal to wider evangelical circles. The Board is considering the provision of additional courses of a less academic and more practical nature, which could utilise part-time lecturers and modern technology to reduce costs. A supplementary report, not yet released, will contain details of nominations for College Principal and Old Testament Chair.

Other items of interest from the General Assembly reports

The Home Missions Board has exciting news of a church plant in Govan, which would begin over the summer. The Free North congregation in Inverness has submitted an application for permission to call an assistant minister, to work with Rev Colin Macleod. The International Missions Board has updates from missionaries around the world. The Ecumenical Relations Committee expresses its desire for greater co-operation amongst evangelical churches, and notes of talks with the APC and also with some in the Church of Scotland. The Communications Committee also has papers on the redefinition of marriage and the impact of Scottish independence.