Bulletin – 25th May


Services Today

10:30am @ Sleat – Morning Prayer Meeting

11:00am @ Sleat – Morning Worship – John 3:16-21 – Not Condemned

6:00pm @ Sleat – Monthly Joint Service – Iain A. Macdonald (SASRA)

Mid-week Meetings & Events

Wednesday, 7:00pm @ Sleat – Weekly Bible Study

Thursday, 7:30pm @ Kyle Free Church Hall – CWI Tour

Next Sunday

10:30am @ Sleat – Morning Prayer Meeting

11:00am @ Sleat – Communion – John 3:22-30 – What we receive from Heaven

5:00pm @ Broadford – Evening Worship – 1 Timothy 3:8-13 – Qualifications for Deacons


Comments at Assembly

Sharing this for the encouragement of our own folks in Sleat & Strath – a very humbling report from Iver Martin, minister at our denomination’s largest congregation and principal of our training institution. If you go 51 minutes in, Iver was speaking in response to the Home Mission Board’s report. God is good.

Joint Service – This Evening

Next Sunday we will host the monthly joint service with the Church of Scotland.   The service will be addressed by Iain Alasdair Macdonald of SASRA (Soldiers’ & Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association).   Iain has spoken at our joint fellowships before, and it will be good to welcome him once again.   The collection on the night will go towards supporting the work of SASRA.

Evening Service – Next Sunday

Just as last week we were looking at the qualification for Elders (so that we would better understand the qualities we should be praying for among our men), next week we will be looking at the office of “Deacon” in the church in the same way.   These are really one-off events, and not themes I want to preach on too often, but are vital to the welfare of our congregation.   Please make an extra effort to come along on Sunday evening, to the Broadford Village Hall.

CWI Meeting

Christian Witness to Israel – a Jewish Evangelism organisation – are holding their annual Scottish tour later this month.   They will be speaking at Kyle Free Church on Thursday 30th May at 7:30pm, and in Tigh-na-Sgire in Portree on Friday 31st May at 7:30pm.   Please make every effort to go along to one of these events – Paul Morris, Nick Stead and Mike Moore are definitely worth hearing, particularly as there are incredible stories of God working to bring the Gospel home to the Jewish people.

Communion & Church Lunch

As Gordon will be away the second Sunday in June (at the Kyle Communion) we will move our own communion forward to the first Sunday in June (2nd).   Anyone wishing to profess faith for the first time, or join the congregation, should talk to Gordon soon, to arrange to meet with the Kirk Session.   We also hope to have a light lunch that Sunday, at the Sleat Church.   Please see the organisation sign-up sheet in the lobby.

Denominational News

Increase in attendance at Free Church services
The number of people attending Free Church services has increased over the past five years. Statistics showed that an average of 12,639 attended worship each week last year, up from 12,431 in 2007. The number of people under 30, when compared to 2007, had increased by almost 30 per cent.

Two-year moratorium agreed
Any committee-funded posts will require approval from the Board of Trustees after an immediate two-year moratorium was approved by the General Assembly. The move was taken in light of reductions in budgets to the Free Church’s biggest spending committees to ensure that expenditure did not exceed income. It will affect all vacancies and any new posts which are funded by committees. A special group will also explore strategic priorities for the denomination and report to next year’s Assembly.

New College principal appointed
Rev Iver Martin has been appointed as the new Principal of the Free Church College. The Stornoway Free Church minister has accepted the role on a two-year part-time appointment. He will spend his time between Stornoway and Edinburgh during the academic year.

Temporary arrangements for vacant Chair of Old Testament
Due to the temporary moratorium imposed on centrally supported posts, the Assembly decided it would be inappropriate, at this time, to make a full-time permanent appointment for the vacant Chair of Old Testament at the College. The College Board will make temporary arrangements and bring proposals to the October Commission of Assembly as a matter of urgency.

Name change for College approved in principle
The General Assembly has voted in principle to rename the Free Church College as the Edinburgh Theological Seminary. As part of its vision for the future, the College Board said this would attract interest from wider evangelical church circles and show Gospel-work co-operation. It also hopes to offer wider training for church planters, evangelists and apologetics for members. A report will be brought to next year’s Assembly.

Rahmat memorial fund set up by International Missions Board (IMB)
The IMB have announced the Rahmat Memorial Fund, in memory of the late missionary to northern India who recently passed away. The fund will help his young family as well as ongoing ministry in the area. More info coming soon.

Plea to Kirk evangelicals
Ecumenical Relations convener Rev Dr Iain D Campbell gave a gracious and loving plea to brothers and sisters in the Church of Scotland after the national church approved ministers in same-sex relationships. Dr Campbell encouraged commissioners to seek evangelical unity across Scotland.

Govan church plant approved
The church plant in Govan will begin later this summer with Rev Norman Mackay leaving Falkirk.

Group to look at 2014 referendum
The Free Church is set to explore the place of Christianity in an independent Scotland, ahead of the independence referendum in 2014. A special working group has been set up and will report to next year’s General Assembly.