About (maps)

Within the very broad range of what is called “Christian” in Scotland today, we identify ourselves as disciples of Jesus within the Reformed tradition.  Within the Scottish context we have our roots in the Disruption of 1843, when our fore-bearers parted company with the mainline Church of Scotland.  Thus far, we’ve not yet found a compelling reason to go back.   Our beliefs are [sort of*] summarised in The Westminster Confession of Faith.

The truth is, labels are increasingly meaningless in a post-truth, #fakenews world.  If you want to get a better sense of what we are about, check out this page – or better yet, come along next Sunday and check us out.


The congregation’s “area” covers the whole of the South End of the Isle of Skye.   This includes Kyleakin, the first village on the Skye side of the Skye Bridge; the townships around Broadford; and the Sleat peninsula – described as the Garden of Skye, thanks to its mild micro-climate and fertile soil.    We have buildings and public worship in:

Sleat – the church (and manse) is 200 yards up the Sasaig Road, in the village of Teangue.   The church is well signposted (Sasaig Road is opposite the old church, now privately owned), and is a modern building.

Kyleakin – the church is on the main street in Klyeakin, next door to “Saucy Mary’s” bar and hostel.   The church is an attractive older building, with distinctive round windows, whose stained glass design incorporates the traditional emblem of the Scottish Reformed Church, the Burning Bush.


The congregation is a Charity registered in Scotland.   Our registration number is SCO34148.   Copies of our accounts and trustees report are available on request.

* By “sort of” we mean that a document drafted in the 1640s maybe doesn’t address contemporary challenges in an immediately obvious way.  All our office bearers swear that they “sincerely own” all the doctrines of the WCF, but we know these doctrines need to be restated and argued for afresh in every generation.