Bulletin: 09 August 2009

12:00pm @ Sleat – Noon Worship – Acts 7:9-10
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – Evening Worship – D.J. Stewart
6:00pm @ Sleat – Evening Worship – Studies in the Psalms

Mid-Week Bible Study @ 7:00pm (Sleat)

Next Sunday (Retiring collection for Buildings Fund)
12:00pm @ Sleat – Noon Worship – Mark 3:7-12 – Who did the unclean spirits see?
5:00pm @ Kyleakin – Evening Worship – Daniel 9 – Prayer & God’s Promises

News and Coming Events
Holiday Club
The Holiday Club went well – we are especially thankful for the help from the team from Lewis – Niall, John, Michelle and Ruth.   Please continue to pray for these young people.

Christianity Explored
Starting in September we will be running Christianity Explored.   This is not a one off event, as we hope to begin to run CE annually.   This year CE will run on Tuesday evenings in Sleat – the discussion and Bible study group starting at 7:00pm, with the option of gathering for a meal at 6:00pm.
CE is not taking place instead of our usual mid-week meeting, which will continue as usual.   This means members should not feel obliged to come, although you are welcome to attend.   Invitation cards are available, explaining what CE is, and what happens at a course.   Please feel free to give these to anyone you want to invite to the course.
Please invite people!   Ask people to be your guests.   Commit to coming with them, both to the course and the meal if necessary.   Let people know that the course will be an opportunity to ask any questions, but that they will not be asked to read, pray or sing.   While some people will respond positively to your first invitation, for others it may take years of working towards that point – don’t be discouraged if people don’t respond right away, we will be running CE again next year (DV) meaning you can work towards asking again then.

Broadford Prayer Group
The members living the Broadford area have agreed to meet for prayer on Sunday Evenings, after the Kyleakin service on Sundays when Gordon is preaching there.   This will not be a traditional “prayer meeting”, in the sense that people will not be called to pray but rather folk can share any concerns they have for the Church’s witness in Broadford, and these matters will be prayed for in a time of open prayer.   Although this meeting is for the work in Broadford that does not mean folk from other areas cannot gather with us to pray.   However, it does mean that we are meeting to pray specifically from the work in Broadford, and so people will be asked to be specific in their requests before God.