June Prayer Letter

Please Give Thanks to God for:

  • The first three months: The last three months have been tough: finding that the congregation’s financial situation was worse than anyone thought has been especially hard to cope with, but God has blessed us in many ways.   We will also shortly have a new treasurer in post.
  • Enthusiasm for the Bible: the congregation shares a clear commitment to understanding God’s Word.   The mid-week Bible Study is well attended, and normally full of thought provoking discussion.   Attendances on Sunday mornings have grown.   Sunday evening attendances in Kyleakin are good.
  • Partnership in the Gospel: Since moving the Sunday service in Kyleakin to 5pm, we’ve been able to join in worship more regularly with believers from the Church of Scotland.   We’re thankful for this alone, but pray that this partnership in worship in our buildings would extend into partnership in witness outside, in the community.

Some immediate concerns are:

  • Membership: We have no deacons or other male members than our three elders.   In fact, the situation is perhaps more concerning in that none of the three elders are locals.   Actually, less than a third of our members are native Skye-folk, which is not reflective of our community, or attendance.   Most of our members moved to the area, having been converted elsewhere.   Pray for us to have wisdom in diagnosing the reasons for this, so we can provide the right biblical remedy to the spiritual problems in this area.
  • Prayer: While we are really glad of the mid-week bible study time, there’s a clear need for more time to be spent in prayer.   This is hampered by traditional attitudes about men “leading” in prayer.   We have a lot to pray for, but are not devoting enough time to doing so.
  • The Holiday Club (3rd – 7th August): with Gordon getting married and going away for most of July, all the Holiday Club plans need to be made now.   Pray for the organisation of this.

Some longer term concerns:

  • The Autumn: We have already used Christianity Explored, but we are planning on making CE a permanent feature each year.   Our prayer is that the contacts made through the Holiday Club will carry over into the CE course.
  • Gaelic Culture: With Sabhal Mor Ostaig and Scotland’s only English-medium unit in a Gaelic School on our doorstep, it’s little surprise Gaelic plays a big part in Sleat.   Pray for opportunities to bring the Gospel to this community.
  • Broadford Church Plant: Broadford has been a disaster for the Free Church.   The cause of Christ is not strong there.   It is the second largest population centre in Skye.   God willing, we will plant a church there.   With the continuing distraction of a court case over property heading to conclusion, we are looking forward to devoting more time to this in the Autumn.