Rev. Gordon Matheson

Free Church Manse
Isle of Skye
IV44 8RE
Tel: 01471 833281
email: gordonmatheson101 @ (just take out the spaces!)

Gordon has been minister of the Congregation since January 2009.   He was previously Assistant Minister at Greyfriars Stratherrick Free Church in Inverness.   Gordon was born in Glasgow, but raised in Lewis (50 miles further west, in the Outer Hebrides).   He came to faith in the mid-90s, and after a few years of hard-hearted disobedience, he graduated from Edinburgh Theological Seminary, in 2005.

Gordon sometimes blogs as the Jedi Rev.


The Free Church, as a Presbyterian denomination, governs and pastors congregations through a team of elders.   The ministers is just one member of this team.   In our congregation, the other elders are:

Mr. John N. MacDonald

Tel: 01471 833 748

Mr. Alasdair Macleod

Tel: 01471 820 373



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