Typical Service

What can you expect at a service?

A typical order of service looks something like this:

  • Call to worship
  • Opening praise
  • Short prayer of adoration and confession
  • Kid’s talk
  • Item of praise
  • Reading of Scripture
  • Prayer of thanksgiving and intercession
  • Item of praise
  • Sermon
  • Closing praise
  • Benediction

Why so much “Bible stuff”?

The Free Church stands firmly in the Reformed Tradition, meaning we have a high regard for Bible, which we believe is God’s Word.   Our services always incorporate the reading and preaching of God’s Word.   Our goal in preaching the Bible is to explain what the text says, show how it remains relevant to our lives and apply its teaching in a challenging way.   We do this principally through consecutive expository preaching.  We are also Evangelicals, so we believe no one should leave one of our services without being confronted, in some way, by the claims of Jesus – that his instruction for life is valid and healthy, that he lived and died for us, that he has sovereign rights to command our loyalty.

What do you sing?

Along with preaching and prayer, we also sing praise to God.   On Sunday mornings we use a modern paraphrase of the Psalms of David called Sing Psalms, other passages of Scripture in metre (from a collection called Sing Scripture) as well as the traditional Scottish Psalter of 1650.   A cappella psalm singing is distinctive and beautiful, and even if you are just passing through we think this feature of our worship will leave a lasting mark on you.

Are kids welcome?

We believe people of all ages should be incorporated in our worship.   We encourage parents to bring their children.   They will sit in for the first part of the service, singing and praying with the grown ups, but are free to sit out at the creche or one of the Bible classes during the sermon.   To make clear that what they do is also part of our worship, they come back in to join together in the concluding praise.

Do you take an offering?

Following Paul’s instruction, we also take up an offering for the work of the Church.   For convenience, this tends to be as you arrive.   We have special collections on the first Sunday of the month (for International Missions) and the third Sunday (for building’s maintenance).   Through this, we are able to share in the work of the Free Church, and contribute to the Gospel both in Scotland and the wider world.